Surprise VOCAMERICA Concert at ETSU-Con this Weekend!

Fans planning to attend ETSU-Con this weekend are in for a special treat. While EmpathP originally stated that she and Mystsaphyr would only host an educational expo, ETSU-Con surprised her with a last-minute VOCAMERICA concert request! There will now be a VOCAMERICA concert at ETSU-Con this weekend!

About the VOCAMERICA Concert at ETSU-Con

Fans do need to note that this is a last-minute concert request from ETSU-Con, so EmpathP doesn’t have much time to prepare. It will be an encore performance of the NekoCon concert and will give fans a chance to see the original performance before its Tora-Con upgrade.

EmpathP has warned fans that the concert will be low tech. Due to the short notice, she has little time to prepare. This means that she’ll be working with what she can. However, she and Mystsaphyr will be working hard to make the concert a great one!

There’s no news yet on when the VOCAMERICA concert at ETSU-Con will be, so be sure to follow EmpathP’s Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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