Synthesizer V Is Now Available on macOS!

Apple computer users rejoice! Synthesizer V‘s latest update is now live and finally able to support Apple’s macOS!

Synthesizer V Build 016 on MacOS

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the SynthV as of late and have been eagerly awaiting the macOS release! Now our patience has been rewarded and, thanks to the support and dedication of beta testers and the whole community, this latest build of the software is also compatible with Apple’s OS. VSTi and Audio Unit plugins can also be used on the macOS version, which is an awesome news as well!

And there is more! SynthV’s Build 016 also provides improvements for the users’ experience with the software and allows anyone to customize their workstation a bit more. This feature will come in handy for those who had previously experienced different DAW built-in MIDI editors, thus allowing users to feel more at ease with the software.

Download and Purchase

You can download Synthesizer V by clicking here. But remember: You can use the software freely as long as no commercial usage is involved. In this case, you would need to buy a license from ANiCUTE or Quadimension’s Taobao Store (Mainland China only). By buying it from the latter, which is also available in physical version, you will receive this build and its macOS installer.

Don’t forget to stay tuned with us on VNN for all the news about your favorite Virtual Singers, and be sure to show your support to Dreamtonics for Synthesizer V’s development!

Official Website
VOLOR Product Page on ANiCUTE
Product Page on Quadimension’s Taobao Store
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