Talk Voice Bank for IA, ONE Figure, and New VOCALOID 4 Announced

1st PLACE’s live stream gave us information on IA as well as future plans for ONE and a teaser of a new VOCALOID 4 design.

Talk Bank for IA

It was announced in the live stream as well as on one of CeVIO’s Twitter accounts that IA will be receiving a “Talk” voice bank. Much like how ONE has a talking bank for CeVIO, though her singing bank is also CeVIO, IA will nonetheless remain a VOCALOID as far as we know.

There will be some sort of drawing and people can enter songs into it, but at the moment, there’s no other information available on it.

ONE Figure and other ONE News

First Album


ONE’s second album “ONE/01” was mentioned in the same tweet as IA’s “Talk” bank. So far, we know it’s going to be released sometime around Summer 2016. In addition, we know a few of the tracks and producers.

Scale Figure

A scale figure for ONE is set to be released unassumingly soon. They showed off a painted prototype of what appears to be a 1/8 scaled figure judging by the size comparison to the 1/8 scaled IA figure.

In addition to the ONE figure, there’s also a picture of a CG model of IA ROCKS in the background of the photo, showing the IA and ONE figures together. It’s very likely they’re working on prototypes of a figure for IA ROCKS.


In addition to the news on IA and ONE, 1st PLACE also teased a new VOCALOID 4 product with a very different design. While it’s unconfirmed if the design is final, there’s still quite a bit to talk about.

It appears this new VOCALOID 4 will be a female vocal and her name will have something to do with “H” or could possibly just be “H”.

While most of the teaser images shown are blurred and foggy, we can still make out the colorful and eclectic outfit that the model is wearing, which brings fans to the next interesting tidbit of information: There’s a model. An anime styled character wasn’t used to tease “H”. The art used wasn’t even 2D. So far, “H” is a 3D character.

Some fans are thinking that the voice provider will be Hirari Ikeda due to the name “H” and the model wearing a choker Hirari has been seen wearing.

Hirari Ikeda's Choker
From Tokyo Fashion

Hopefully we’ll learn more about H sooner than later. She’s sure to be an interesting VOCALOID.

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