Vocal Sample of Quadimension’s Synthesizer V ChiYu Published!

It is time to talk about Quadimension‘s latest addition to their MEDIUM⁵ character group. The fifth member that we teased not long ago, based off of the fire element: ChiYu!

A New Character… Running on Synthesizer V?!

Seems we can finally confirm a solid collaboration between Dreamtonics and Quadimension, as ChiYu is now confirmed to be a new vocal running on Synthesizer V’s engine.  This got revealed just few hours ago by the team, via their own official Weibo, with a video showing us a sample of her voice! You can watch it below!

By clicking the image you will be redirected to Stardust‘s official Weibo post. You can also click here, in case you don’t see the screenshot!

Sure, this sample is short and only shows her singing in “Na Na Na” samples, but considering Stardust’s vocal sample, StarLaLaLa by ZOMiG wasn’t much different, we could say ChiYu is following her sister’s footsteps awesomely by providing us such a simple yet catchy demo song!

ChiYu also got a Weibo account, meaning we can all follow her more closely while we wait for more details about her!


We cannot wait to hear more of ChiYu’s marvelous vocal, as well as her own character design! Since she is based off of fire, what kind of appearance will she have, we wonder… Only time will tell!

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