VOCALOID 4 LUMi Announced!

Today, a new female VOCALOID created by Akatsuki Virtual Artist (AVA) named LUMi was announced! She is voiced by the famous voice actress Ohara Sayaka, popular for her roles as Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) and Sailor Neptune (Sailormoon Crystal). The character design is illustrated by Fugin Miyama, a well-known illustrator for the Overlord and Eureka Seven series. LUMi is confirmed to be a VOCALOID 4.

Currently, we don’t have much information on her, other than that a trial version of her voice bank will be released on June 3rd, 2017. No demo song or voice sample has been released, either. Her announcement is available on AVA’s official website, as well as a tweet from Ohara Sayaka’s Twitter account.

Interview Series

According to the AVA website, LUMi is born via a professional in each area. The first revealed professional is her artist, the aforementioned Fugin Miyama. While the interview isn’t available at the moment, it’s set to be the first in what appears to be a series of five interviews with people who took part in her creation. We’ll be sure to update fans when the interview is available as well as when more appear on the website!

About AVA

AVA is a company that focuses on creativity, stating that they want to work with young creators to make the world more fun. Hopefully, this means we’ll see a lot of young talent using LUMi in the future!

More Information

You can find LUMi’s official website here.
Stay tuned to VNN for further updates on this new VOCALOID!

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