VOCALOID 4 Xin Hua Japanese Version + Xin Hua V4 Available For Pre-Order!

Xin Hua fans may have noticed that she’s been rather inactive lately. She fell off the radar minus a few cameos in other promotions from her parent companies here and there. However, she’s now making quite the comeback! The V3 Chinese VOCALOID has received a makeover, and is getting both a V4 Chinese voice bank update as well as a brand new V4 Japanese voice bank!

Xin Hua V4 Update

Xin Hua has received a V4 update for her Chinese voice bank with a new illustration! Illustrated by ZARD, the redesign features a more magical-girl-esque design.


About VOCALOID 4 Xin Hua Japanese Version

Recommended Tempo: 80 ~ 200BPM
Recommended Range: G#2 ~ E4

This voice bank features the same artwork by VOFAN that is used for her V3 Chinese voice bank, but with a different color scheme. While Xin Hua is usually clad in pink and blue, this alternative design isn’t completely new. It’s been featured on her Cubase AI bundled version.

The Japanese bank comes with growl, as is standard for most V4 banks. However, it will also come with two voice banks that are capable of cross synthesis: Xin Hua Japanese Natural and Xin Hua Japanese Power!


Release Dates

VOCALOID 4 Xin Hua Japanese Version is set to release on September 22nd. At the moment, the V4 Chinese voice bank has no set release date.

Where to Pre-Order

There is currently no way to purchase Xhin Hua’s Chinese and Japanese voice banks together. Gynoid’s online shop is selling V4 Xin Hua Japanese while Shanghai Wangcheng is handling the distribution of Xin Hua’s V4 Chinese bank.

VOCALOID 4 Xin Hua Chinese Voice Bank

Digital Download (Taobao) : ¥298.00 RMB (About $44.74 USD)
Physical Version (Taobao): ¥598.00 RMB (About $89.78 USD)

VOCALOID 4 Xin Hua Japanese Version

Physical Version (Gynoid): ¥10,000 JPY (About $92.00 USD)
Physical Cubase AI Bundle (Gynoid): ¥17,000 JPY (About $156.00 USD)

Physical Version (AmazonJP): ¥10,800 JPY (About $99.00 USD)
Physical Cubase AI Bundle (AmazonJP) :  ¥18,360 JPY (About $168.00 USD)

MMD Model

There will also be a new MMD model of Xin Hua’s Japanese version design by やまもと (Yamamoto)! It is scheduled for release on September 22nd like her V4 Japanese voice bank.

More Information

For more information, stay tuned to VNN! In addition, you can check out the following links.

Gynoid Online Store
Shanghai Wangcheng Taobao
Gynoid Official Twitter
Chinese Announcement
Japanese Announcement

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