VOCALOID 5 & VOICEROID2 Haruno Sora Officially Announced!

After the previous leak from AmazonJP, today, AHS Co. officially announced their latest virtual singer addition “Haruno Sora”, which is going to run on the VOCALOID 5 and VOICEROID2 Engine! She is voiced by the voice actress “Kikuko Inoue”, iconic for her role as Belldandy from the Oh! My Goddess series and also other popular anime game characters. The software is scheduled to be released on July 26th, 2018. Now you can have this beautiful Goddess’ voice to sing and talk to you every single day!

VOCALOID 5 Haruno Sora

Haruno Sora has 2 Libraries: “Natural” for a soft and gentle voice, while “Cool” is a powerful voice with beautiful resonance. They also added 631 audio material exVOICE for breathe, lines, effects, etc. all bundled in the Wave format, and can be used directly on VOCALOID 5. The libraries are available for separate purchase, or as a complete set.


Packaged version: ¥ 10,800 ($96 USD)
Download version: ¥ 8,000 ($71 USD)
AHS user special price (Packaged): ¥ 8,500 ($75 USD)

Preorder Haruno Sora V5 Natural on the AHS Store / AmazonJP


COOL Library

Packaged version: ¥ 10,800 ($96 USD)
Download version: ¥ 8,000 ($71 USD)
AHS user special price (Packaged): ¥ 8,500 ($75 USD)

Preorder Haruno Sora V5 Cool on the AHS Store / AmazonJP


Haruno Sora Complete Set (COOL + NATURAL)

Packaged version: ¥ 17,800 ($158 USD)
AHS user special price (Packaged): ¥ 14,800 ($131 USD)

Preorder Haruno Sora V5 Complete Set on the AHS Store / AmazonJP

Demo Songs

Sora has a really beautiful and high quality voice, very suitable for Ballad songs. Currently there are 4 official demo songs available for her, from various Producers. Check them out below:

Donna Kotoba Nara Todokimasu ka? / by: Kohei Tanaka

Koi no Jumon wa Sora Sora / by: EHAMIC

Yugiri no Tabiji / by: DaisukeP

Mirai e Tomoni by Puresound Inc.

VOICEROID2 Haruno Sora

VOICEROID2 Haruno Sora is an input character reading software featuring the soft and gentle voice of the voice actress “Kikuko Inoue”. You can make Sora talk just by inputting the text of your desired sentences, and controlling the voice’s speed and pitch. Using the VOICEROID2 Editor, you can also put her to a joint conversation with the other VOICEROID characters.

Packaged version ¥ 11,980 yen (US$) + Tax
Download version ¥ 8,980 yen (US$) + Tax
AHS user special price (Packaged): ¥ 9,980 (US$) + Tax

Preorder Haruno Sora V5 Natural on the AHS Store / AmazonJP

You can check the demo video below, or check out the trial on her product page.

Haruno Sora’s software comes with a music creation software “Music Maker Silver”, a 3D character movie creation software “Charamin Studio (90 day product ver.)”, and a video editing software “Video Easy SE.” Utilizing all the softwares, you can start your creative works immediately. The MMD model data for Haruno Sora Natural, Cool & Voiceroid2 ver. are also included in the product. The data for LIVE 2D / Facerig will also available later on the product page. Sora’s Live 2D model is compatible with the software from Live2D Inc. or Holotech Studios, so you can use her as an avatar.

Keep in mind that the Live 2D model for Haruno Sora is currently under construction, and will be available for download on July 26th, the voicebank’s release date.

What do you think of Haruno Sora? You are welcome to voice your opinion in the comment section below. Stay tuned to VNN for more updates about Sora!

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