VOCALOID4 Library LUMi Now Available in the VOCALOID Shop!

As announced on the official VOCALOID Facebook and other social media pages, the download edition for the VOCALOID4 Library LUMi is now available for purchase through the VOCALOID Shop! Her brand new product page can be found here. You can purchase and download her for ¥10,000 JPY (about $88 USD), before tax.

This comes less than a week after her Standard edition was made available in Japanese stores and on Amazon. The release of her download edition on the VOCALOID Shop now makes her voice bank more accessible to an international audience than ever before.

Starting from humble beginnings as a concept for the rookie AVA company, LUMi’s rapid rise in popularity and acceptance in the VOCALOID community cannot be underestimated. Just two months ago, piapro started accepting artwork and songs for LUMi on their website. Shortly before that, her official debut concert at Kagurasai 2017 took place, bringing together song-writers, singers, artists and their works after they were discovered through the various contests surrounding LUMi, which haven’t stopped coming. And all this has occurred within less than half a year after her initial release.

As LUMi’s world continues to develop and expand, VNN will keep all of her fans updated!

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