VOCALOID4 Zhiyu Moke Open for Preorder!

Months have passed since Vsinger’s live concert, where we saw the debut of both of Zhiyu Moke and Mo Qingxian‘s voice banks. Now, with a post on Zhiyu Moke’s official Weibo, Vsinger announced they’re opening pre-orders for Zhiyu Moke’s VOCALOID4 voice bank on the same day as his voice provider’s, Su Shangqing (aka Xi Gua Shuang), birthday!

About Zhiyu Moke V4

Just like Luo Tianyi V4 CHN and JPN,  Zhiyu Moke has a new official illustration that will be used as his box art. This marvelous design is illustrated by TID.

Pre-orders for Zhiyu Moke’s VOCALOID4 voice bank have already started today and you will have a discount if you order him before June 30th! You can pre-order him for 600 Yuan (about 93 USD)! If you’re interested,  you can find the his product page on Taobao here!

After this limited offer, his price will go up to 680 Yuan, so you better run and pre-order him now!

More Info

Stay tuned to VNN for more news on Moke as well as all your favorite virtual singers!

Official announcement via Weibo
VOCALOID4 Zhiyu Moke product page on Taobao

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