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2nd VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest Announced

Yesterday, we reported on some important updates for VOCAMERICA and today we bring news of another exciting update: the 2nd VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest!

The first VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest focused on songs for Lola, Sweet Ann, Tonio and Prima. This time, the contest will focus on writing a duet for the main performers, DEX and DAINA. The team is looking for new opening and closing songs for the VOCAMERICA concert to replace the current songs, FADE by CircusP and the DJ Jo remix of ECHO by CrusherP.

Check out the announcement video on VOCAMERICA’s official YouTube channel below and read on for details on the contest rules and prizes.

Contest Rules

The VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest will run from January 13th to March 1st. You can find the full list of rules for the contest below.

  • You must enter with a brand new, original song which has not been previously posted to any other platform, such as Youtube, SoundCloud, etc.
  • All entries must be duets and feature the VOCALOIDs DEX and DAINA. You may include up to 2 additional vocalists as backup vocalists, but they must be from among the current VOCAMERICA performers: Maika, Ruby, AVANNA, YOHIOloid, Viki Hopper, Aiko Kikyuune or Namida. Please note that additional vocalists are optional and not required.
  • Collaboration entries are allowed. Please note, however, that only one prize will be issued for the winning entries, so the collaborators would have to split the prize amongst themselves.
  • Multiple entries are welcome. However, you will only be eligible to win one prize.
  • By entering the contest, the entrants consent to the winning entries being featured in future VOCAMERICA soundtrack releases. However, the copyright and all additional commercial rights to the songs will be retained by their original owners.
  • If you were a Grand Prize Winner in the previous VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest, then you are not eligible to win a prize for this contest. However, the runner ups from the previous contest are still eligible to win prizes.
  • Entries must be uploaded to SoundCloud, either as Public or Private tracks, and then sent to EmpathP at one of the following email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Please include the following information with your entry:
    1) Entrant’s name
    2) Title of the song
    3) A full list of VOCAMERICA performers used in the song (if you used somebody other than DEX and DAINA)
    4) The song lyrics

Contest Prizes

There will be 2 Grand Prize Winners and 2 Runner Up Prize Winners for the VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest.

You can find the full details of the prizes available below.

Grand Prize

The 2 Grand Prize Winners will receive the following prizes.

  • The winning songs will be featured as the opening/ending songs at a future VOCAMERICA concert
  • The song will be professionally duplicated onto 25 single slimline CDs, courtesy of Empathy Studios, which can be used for personal or commercial use.
  • An official VOCAMERICA T-Shirt (all sizes available)
  • Two VOCAMERICA keychains, featuring DEX and DAINA

Runner Up Prize

The 2 Runner Up Prize Winners will receive the following prizes.

  • An official VOCAMERICA T-Shirt (all sizes available)
  • Two VOCAMERICA keychains, featuring DEX and DAINA

Judging of the song contest entries will be done by CircusP, EmpathP and Kenji-B.

EmpathP also stated in the VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest announcement that the winners of the previous contest can look forward to their entries being used at concerts in 2018, which means Lola, Sweet Ann, Tonio and Prima will be performing in concerts this year!

Information Source

For further information on this contest or more information on the VOCAMERICA project, check out the official VOCAMERICA website below.

Official VOCAMERICA Website

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