Voicemith’s UTAU JOAN & OSCAR

For those of you who are not familiar with Voicemith, they are the people behind the well-known Chinese UTAU Xia Yu Yao (夏語遙). She has a CV-VC Japanese voice bank and a CVVC simplified Chinese voice bank.


They now have two new UTAUs, JOAN and OSCAR, currently only with Chinese voice banks.




Vocal Range: D3 ~ G4

BPM: 80 ~ 135 BPM

Height: 144.4 cm (while she insists it should be 145)

Weight: 40 kg

Voice Provider: 秋小酌

Illustrator: 瑞讀

Age: 17

Ability: She has the magic of ice. When her magic blends with her voice, she can calm people from rage and improve concentration.



OSCAR/ 奧斯卡
Vocal Range: D3 ~ G4

BPM: 80 ~ 135 BPM

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Voice Provider: 邁爾斯

Illustrator: 瑞讀

Age: 16

Ability: He has the magic of fire. When his magic blends with his voice, he can bring courage and make people feel warm.
They have also released a song featuring both of them singing together. Check it out!

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