VOICEROID2 Yuzuki Yukari/Kotonoha Akane & Aoi Announced

Fans of Yukari and the Kotonoha twins are in luck! The three are the newest products of AHS! VOICEROID2 Yuzuki Yukari and the VOICEROID2 Kotonoha Akane & Aoi package have been revealed!


The new software has a few upgrades that users are sure to enjoy. One of the biggest updates is that you can now use more than one voice at once! The multi-voice function allows multiple voices to be loaded into the software at the same time.

In addition, there’s now a wide range of emotions available! While VOICEROID2 has similarities to VOICEROID, the VOICEROID2 banks were brand-new recordings. Due to this, they were able to add emotions. Now you can use joy, sadness, and anger parameters to create unprecedented emotion in the characters’ voices!

You can create conversations between your VOICEROIDs with ease!

This tweet shows how it works with different voices. AHS is planning on releasing a program that enables you to import sound sources from VOICEROID+ and the EX series. While not mentioned specifically in this tweet, AHS says that it’ll be possible to import EX Yukari into VOICEROID2 for free. They plan on doing the same for Zunko as well. The program that enables that isn’t complete yet, but they plan on announcing it soon.

You can also create, name, and save your favorite parameter settings for easy access!

Purchasing the VOICEROID2 Products

The VOICEROID2 Yuzuki Yukari / Kotonoha Aoi & Akane have opened pre-orders in AHS Store. You will get a special discounted price during the pre-order period. There’re also special prices for AHS users.

While VOICEROID2 was just announced, there’s a bit of a wait until their release. All products, download and physical, have a release date of June 9th, 2017. Fans who purchase the packaged version however, have a chance to add something rather interesting!

Those familiar with VOICEROID know the characters are often used for “Let’s Plays” of games. Now fans can get a guide on how to make Let’s Plays with their VOICEROIDs! Of course, this book is in Japanese.

VOICEROID2 purchases also have a few bonuses! Customers receive the “Music Maker Silver” program to help them make music with their VOICEROID2 products. In addition, you also get a 90 day free trial of Charamin Studio (an animation program with VOICEROID and VOCALOID models)! If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive Video Easy SE for free as well!

VOICEROID2 Yuzuki Yukari
Download Version: ¥10,800 JPY + tax
Packaged Version: ¥14,800 JPY + tax (Pre-order: ¥13,800 JPY + tax)
Packaged Version (AHS User): ¥12,800 JPY + tax
Packaged Version with “Let’s Play” Guide: ¥16,300 JPY + tax (Pre-order ¥15,300 JPY + tax)
Packaged Version with “Let’s Play” Guide (AHS User) : ¥14,300 JPY + tax

You can test Yukari’s VOICEROID2 bank out here.
And listen to demos of Yukari here.

VOICEROID2 Kotonoha Akane & Aoi
Much like their original banks, Akane and Aoi have different dialects. While Aoi has the standard Japanese dialect, Akane is noted to have the Kansai Dialect.

Download Version: ¥12,800 JPY + tax
Packaged Version: ¥17,800 JPY + tax (Pre-order: ¥16,800 JPY + tax)
Packaged Version (AHS User): ¥15,800 JPY + tax
Packaged Version with “Let’s Play” Guide: ¥19,300 JPY + tax (Pre-order: ¥18,300 JPY + tax)
Packaged Version with “Let’s Play” Guide (AHS User): ¥17,300 JPY + tax

You can test out the twins here.

More Information

For more information, tune in to AHS’ live streams! And, as always, stay tuned to VNN for updates!

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