Vsinger Live Concert Tracklist & SVIP Ticket Prices Announced!

On December 14th, Vsinger announced the first batch of the tracklist for the concert on their Weibo. The track list includes Vsinger-loid “classic” and recently famous songs, and they also mentioned “We want your recommendations” on their Weibo, encouraging fans to leave their recommendations of what songs should be used in the concert. We can assume that the current track list will be amended in the future.

Below are the announced songs:

  1. 66CCFF
  2. CONNECT~心的连接 (Heart Connection)
  3. Paparoach (Cover)
  4. 刀剑春秋 (Age of Sword and Blade)
  5. 九九八十一 (Nine-Nine-Eighty-One)
  6. 梦想→World→歌唱 (Dream→World→Sing)
  7. 梦语 (Word of Dream)
  8. 梦之雨 (Rain of Dream)
  9. 普通Disco (Normal Disco)
  10. 千年食谱颂 (Millenium Recipe Song)
  11. 三月雨 (Rain of March)
  12. 霜雪千年 (Millenium of Frost and Snow)
  13. 夜舞 (Night Dance)
  14. 一半一半 (Half and Half)
  15. 中华铄金娘 (China ShuoJin Girl)

Ticket Purchase

Aside from that, Vsinger has also announced more details about the SVIP ticket pre-sales. The pre-sales of the SVIP tickets will begin on December 16th at 19:00. The price of the SVIP tickets is ¥1280 RMB each and limited to 500 units. Fans who purchase SVIP tickets will also receive limited merchandise as a bonus. Fans will be required to pay ¥256 RMB during pre-orders and the other ¥1024 RMB from March 17th-20th, 2017. The tickets will ship in May 2017 with the bonus merchandise.

The bonus for SVIP tickets is a set including Vsinger’s characters on a t-shirt and a towel. Fans can choose between Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, YANHE, Yuezheng Longya, Mo Qingxian, and Zhiyu Moke by mentioning which character they want when making the order. Those who didn’t mention the character in their order will be given one at random.

As Vsinger did not open tickets for overseas buyers as of yet, fans from outside of China will need to consider purchasing the tickets through a forwarding service.

Pre-sales Website: https://shop69979973.taobao.com/

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