“Sharpkey” the New Chinese Singing Synthesis Engine and Huan Xiaoyi (幻晓伊) Makes Her Debut!

The new Chinese singing synthesis engine named “Sharpkey” now has its own Chinese voice library Huan Xiaoyi (幻晓伊). They have recently released a demo song of her by 哈士奇P: “【新引擎新歌姬】《野子》feat.【Sharpkey—幻晓伊】“. Sharpkey was developed solely by “Boxstar” and has been in development for three years. The engine is similar to that of VOCALOID but made to be more friendly and approachable.


VNN approached Boxstar saying that we would be willing to help in the translation of an English UI. He has mentioned that currently there is no plan to have Sharpkey in English, but if he is able to make romanized pinyin work on Sharpkey then he is willing to do an English translation.

There were also questions about the support of fans making their own voice bank with the engine. The developer has mentioned that in order to assure quality they will only use the official voice library for now. In addition, Boxstar has also revealed that the official website is still under construction but believes that it will be ready in the near future.

Demo 野子. Original by singer 苏运莹.

Sharpkey engine tutorial. Anyone interested can watch all the tutorials on Bilibili. There are a total of  eight videos.

9e134057jw1f6kwbe7ocwj20k30sfwj3Huan Xiaoyi (幻晓伊)

Name: Huan Xiaoyi (幻晓伊)
Engine: Sharpkey
Illustrator: MQ
Language: Chinese
Age: 17
Birthday: July 21st
Height: 165 cm

Introduction: 幻=Fantasy, 晓=Dawn, 伊=Beauty. Huan Xiaoyi will be the singer who leads you to the fantasy world of music.

Huan Xiaoyi is a Chinese voice library for the Sharpkey engine. She was given the temporary name「晴音」(Clear sound) during the testing stages. We currently do not know who the voice provider is but it has been mentioned that the voice provider was never involved in the VOCALOID or UTAU fandom. The official artwork was done by the illustrator MQ who is also the illustrator for the Chinese VOCALOID YANHE.

Boxstar has revealed several illustrations of Huan Xiaoyi on Weibo, such as the official illustration and three other outfits as seen below.

MMD Model

The famous MMD modeller YYB has revealed several screenshots of a model of Huan Xiaoyi on his Weibo that he is currently working on. As always, YYB delivers a beautiful MMD model and we look forward to seeing the final product!

Sharpkey Editor and Huan Xiaoyi Voice Bank Download Links

360盘 (code: 85e2)

Other Links

Boxstar’s Weibo

Huan Xiaoyi Collection Fan Page (Weibo)


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