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A virtual singer lover with a dream of connecting the world of virtual singers together through VNN. Monds is also a huge rhythm game fan/player on his spare time.

VNN is Searching for New Members!

Few years have passed ever since VNN was launched, aiming to create an unique community hub where fans could meet, share their passions for virtual singers and find a reliable source for their news and updates. As VNN’s anniversary is coming closer, we would like to announce our plan to …

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Vsinger Themed Haori Pre-orders Open!

Not long ago, we wrote an article about Crepe themed merchandise based off of our lovely Chinese virtual singers by 换脑组. Well, if you enjoyed those, we have more from the same group! This time, they are bringing us a Haori (A traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length kimono-style jacket, worn …

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Bzita Miku Bracelet Pre-orders are Open!

Ever wanted to wear a Miku bracelet but with a fancier looking appeal? Well, Bzita has made a nice looking leather Miku bracelet that is sure to go well with anything you might be wearing. The preorders for the bracelet are now open! The closing date for preorders has not …

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Moeyu X Stardust and Haiyi Collaboration

If you ever wished that there was more Stardust and Haiyi products out there, well, your wish has been granted. The collaboration between Quadimension and Moeyu brings us a huge selections of products to chose from, ranging from full suits, mugs, underwear, hats, shoes and the list goes on! So …

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New Virtual Idol LanCee by Voicemith Revealed!

Voicemith, the company mostly known for their virtual singer Xia Yu Yao, has recently revealed a new virtual idol to their team that goes by the name of LanCee! Although we don’t have a lot of information on what we will be seeing of her in the future at this …

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