Ling and YanHe V5 Update

Although we have not had a whole lot of news about V5 or new voicebanks, and we have also not heard much about YanHe and Ling getting an update, we do now have confirmation of Ling and YanHe getting a V5 update!

In a post on Weibo from Ren Xing Tu(人形兎), the voicebank producer for Vsinger, we got confirmation of a V5 update for the two Chinese virtual singers!

The Weibo post was as followed:

Many things were delayed due to the virus outbreak, and I went to the company and packed all the voice files home a few days ago. I am lucky that I can stay at home for a long time to continue making V5 voicebanks! I’m already preparing demos. And Ling will have a new Dark, and YanHe will have a new Sweet voicebank, do you have any suggestions about the Chinese name of each one?”

We can’t wait to hear the demos!

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