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A virtual singer lover with a dream of connecting the world of virtual singers together through VNN. Monds is also a huge rhythm game fan/player on his spare time.

Possible New Voicebank for YanHe!

Aside from seeing the Chinese VOCALOID YanHe in concerts and alongside the other Vsinger VOCALOIDs, we have not heard much information about her getting any updates, event though she was released back in 2013 for the V3 engine.       Although we do not know for sure if she …

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VNN is Now on Instagram!

Some of you may have come across our account on Instagram at some point, but have probably noticed it didn’t have any posts. If you were hoping that we would make use of it, there’s good news! We are! Although there aren’t many post there at the moment, expect it …

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IA Otakuthon Merchandise Review

As most of you know, VNN attended Otakuthon a few weeks ago, and of course, what is a convention without getting merchandise. With that being said, I (Monds) got a few things while I was there, and I will be giving you my thoughts on them. Of course it will …

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IA Figure Review

I (Monds) did a review of the ONE figure not long ago, and it seems a lot of people liked it! This time, I will be doing a review of the IA ROCKS figure. The figure is based off of the IA ROCKS boxart, and it does a good job …

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SeeU Will be Available on Character Planet!

Although the Korean VOCALOID SeeU has been out for some time, fans still love her. Some fans have recently noticed that she was no longer available online, but, there was a reason for this. She was being prepared for sale on ST MEDiA‘s website “Character Planet”! Although she is not …

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Hatsune Miku Credit Card in China

In the past Japan has had a few iterations of a credit card using Hatsune Miku.  Now, it seems that China is also getting their own version of a Miku credit card!  The Union Pay Bank of China is releasing their own version of the Hatsune Miku credit card with …

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Yuezheng Ling is Now Available in Zyon And Much More!

Since the beginning, a few of Vsinger‘s characters were available in Zyon, such as Luo Tianyi and Yanhe, but now, we have another addition to the list of VOCALOID characters available in Zyon! Alongside VOCALOIDs like Luo Tianyi, YanHe, Mayu, Zing as well as the Alter/Ego ALYS, we now have …

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IA and TeddyLoid in Sydney, Australia!

Recently on IA’s Facebook page an announcement was made that IA would be in Sydney, Australia but it was not revealed what it would be yet. Don’t worry though, we now know what it will be! IA will be appearing as a guest alongside TeddyLoid, the performance will take place …

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