Fairyland Pre-orders Now Open!

Quadimension’s upcoming album is a little bit of a special one. It features Stardust, Hai Yi and Cang Qiong titled “天方夜谭Fairyland“.

Album tiers

As always, with pre-orders, they include some special extras for ordering ahead of time.

  • Fundamental Set (60RMB)
    Album + 5 Postcard
  • Merchandise Set (110RMB)
    Album, Postcards, Artbook and 3 Pins
  • Advanced Set (150RMB)
    Album, Postcards, Artbook, Pins, Folder and 3 Acrylic pendants
  • Special Numbered Set (180RMB)
    Album, Postcards, Artbook, Pins, Folder, Acrylic pendants, Metal Box and Numbered Card

Shipping will begin in May.

You can preorder the album on Taobao here.

As always, we recommend using a trusted forwarding service when ordering from Taobao.

Let us know what tier you will be getting!

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