An Enchanting Sweetness Reaches You with These Chinese VOCALOID Crepe-themed Goods!

Do you enjoy crepes? Do you like cute things? How about cute crepe themed Chinese Vocaloids to fulfill both? Well, 换脑组 has you covered with an adorable combination of all these things!



Characters and flavours

  • Luo Tianyi: Cherry sea salt ice cream
  • Yuezheng Ling: Cream strawberry crepes
  • Yuezheng Longya: Fruit chocolate crepes
  • Yanhe: Bean matcha ice cream
  • Mo Qingxian: Cream mango crepes
  • Zhiyu Moke: Oreo crushed vanilla ice cream
  • Stardust: Banana caramel crepes
  • Xin Hua: Berry Strawberry ice cream



You may choose to get the individual item or the set, you may also choose characters individually.

  • Pendant: 18 RMB each or 130 RMB for the set
  • Badge: 10 RMB or 70 RMB for the set
  • Pillow: 60 RMB or 450 RMB for the set
  • Combo pack: 80 RMB (includes a pendant, badge and pillow)
  • Full set (includes all the characters and items): 620 RMB

For those of you who preorder the 620RMB set will also receive 10 stickers as a preorder bonus!

Preorders are open until the 31st of May. If you would like to preorder this adorable merchandise, then you can head on over to the Taobao store here.

Note: You must have a Taobao account, although, we recommend using a trusted forwarding service for Taobao if you do not live or know anyone in China.

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