Hatojo Utau Bungei Circle -V4ReMix-

AZUKI and MATCHA Debut Album “Hatojo Utau Bungei Circle -V4ReMix-” Now On Sale!

Celebrating the recent releases of the VOCALOID 4 Library AZUKI and MATCHA, SEGA Games, Project 575, and creative sound unit of SEGA Games, Hatojo Utau Bungei Circle (hereafter “Hatobun”) have released a special debut album for the pair of new VOCALOIDs!

Titled Hatojo Utau Bungei Circle -V4ReMix-, the album compiles a bunch of Hatobun’s songs that were used in the Playstation Vita game Utagumi 575, renewing and remastering them using AZUKI and MATCHA’s new VOCALOID 4 banks. Check out the crossfade trailer below!


  1.  なんという世の中なのさ (Nan to iu Yo no Naka na no sa)
  2.  かみかくし (Kamikakushi)
  3.  365月病 (365 Gatsu Byou)
  4.  オソロシ夜 (Osoroshi Ya)
  5.  妄想カノジョ (Mousou Kanojo)
  6.  サクラ咲くから!(Sakura Saku Kara!)
  7.  メガネ女史の叫び(Megane Joshi no Sakebi)
  8.  レベルリセット (Level Reset)
  9.  リア充ですが?(Riajuu desu ga?)
  10.  おくり歌 (Okuri Uta)
  11.  Bonus Track: 若い翼~ (Wakai Tsubasa~) (Hato-Dera Girls’ Academy School Anthem)


Producer: Kenjiro Morimoto
Sound Producer: Naofumi Hataya

Guitar: Jun Senoue
Bass: Takeshi Taneda

Mix Engineer: Miya Yoshitada (for tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 11) and Masahiro Fukuhara (for tracks 2 and 7)

Mastering Engineer: Jun Senoue

A lyrics booklet is also available for download here:

Where to Purchase

Purchase Hatojo Utau Bungei Circle -V4ReMix- on the iTunes Store!

Purchase Hatojo Utau Bungei Circle -V4ReMix- on Amazon!

The full album can be purchased for ¥2,000 JPY (about $18.00 USD). Alternatively, each track can be purchased individually for ¥250 JPY (about $2.25 USD).

Information Source

PR Times
Project 575 Official Site
Project 575 Official Twitter
Hatobun Official Twitter

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