BIG AL’s 10th Anniversary Celebration is Underway!

Another Vocaloid is nearing their 10th anniversary! This time it’s PowerFX’s Big Al! Join in on his own dedicated event brought to you by celestrai: Big FestivAL!

Lots of information as well as the schedule is already up! Event after event will be in the works leading up to Big Al’s 10th on December 22nd. 

Big Al and his fans will enjoy things like:

  • An original song event and album of everyone’s efforts
  • A charm contest of an original Big Al design
  • A fanzine
  • And more!

Please note that aside from the charm contest, there is no physical or monetary reward for joining in. These events are for people to show their love for Big Al!

To keep up with everyone and make new Big Al loving friends, join the official Big FestivAL discord server!


PowerFX can be found on their own website!
Big FestivAL is on Twitter!
Celestrai is on Twitter!

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