"Daughter of Evil" Musical Promo

“Daughter of Evil” Musical Teaser & More!

The “Daughter of Evil” musical production is already halfway through their showings, with the final one happening on Sunday, June 11th. Unfortunately, unless you are in Japan right now, there is probably little chance for you to catch the rest of these performances in time.

However, you may be happy to hear that an official practice scene was uploaded on YouTube by the production and promotion company in charge, Amipro, right before the first showing occurred! Have a watch below!

Well, what did you think? Was it anything you expected, or something completely different? Either way, being able to catch even a glimpse into this aspect of the musical production behind the scenes is quite the treat — “Let them eat cake!”

In addition to the teaser video, the rest of the cast information was released, as well as other details and announcements.

Full Cast

On the official website, we finally have the full cast! Here are the rest of the members that were not already revealed in our previous article.

"Daught of Evil" Musical Cast

Open Panel Sessions

After each weekday performance, Kenta Kida will host open panel talk sessions with the actual casting interacting with the audience! While the nature of the talk shows themselves are not known, we can assume that they will be discussing the performance in general and answering any questions.


Note: The scheduled times are NOT when the talk shows will occur. These are the times of the performances themselves.

Moderator: Kenta Kida


Last but not least, there was a two-part interview uploaded on YouTube by the Japanese entertainment news company, MAiDiGiTV. The interview focuses on the main cast, specifically Reina Tanaka (Riliane Lucifen d’Autriche / Rin), about their personal thoughts and feelings when acting as their characters but eventually getting used to their roles. While there is no English translation currently available, feel free to check it out!

Bonus Pictures

Even though getting to know more about the wonderfully talented cast members as themselves is exciting, there’s still a marginal difference when it comes to the stage. If you’re still itching for more content about the musical in all its theatrical glory, there’s a whole gallery provided within an article on the Japanese entertainment news website, Natalie. Decked out with nearly 30 splendid shots of the actors and actresses in action, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss!

“Daughter of Evil” Musical Performance Photo Gallery:

And if you have a penchant for the flashy, extravagant suits and dresses that the cast don, there’s another gallery for you to have a closer look as well, thanks to MANTANWEB.

“Daughter of Evil” Musical Outfits Photo Gallery:

For More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the musical adaption, check out our previous article announcement and the musical’s official website below.

Daughter of Evil Musical Announced for June!
“Daughter of Evil” Musical Website 

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