Details Emerge for the Hacka Doll x Magical Mirai 2016 “August 39th Project” Collaboration

On the Hacka Doll official blog, some light has been shed on the Hacka Doll and Hatsune Miku collaborative “August 39th” Project,” whose teaser site unveiling we have previously reported on. The teaser site now sports a new, adorable visual banner showing Hacka Doll and Miku singing together, plus an announcement concerning the five (!) different projects involved.

Image courtesy of Hacka Doll. / This is likely how illustrations will appear as you read more articles.

The first of such projects is the “End Card” project. When you finish reading an article through the Hacka Doll app, you will automatically be given a Hacka Doll and Miku illustration. Three different “End Card” illustrations are planned, the first being “Hatsune Miku x Hacka Doll 01” on August 22nd, the second being “Hacka Doll 03 x Kagamine Rin and Len” on September 5th, and the third being “Hacka Doll 02 x Megurine Luka” on September 9th, released in that order. At the present moment, how they look has not been unveiled yet, so make sure to keep an eye out for those Hacka Doll articles.

(By the way, the term “End Card” typically refers to the still images that appear after an anime end credit roll with the message “Watch the next episode, too!” Of course, Miku doesn’t have an anime series, so in this case, it’s best to think of these “End Cards” as simply illustrations commissioned and distributed to commemorate the start of the project.)

Miku Badge
Image courtesy of Hacka Doll’s official blog.

The second project going on is the “Miku Badge” project. These “badges” are one of the items that you can collect on Hacka Doll, where you can unlock more badges as you use the app more. These “Hatsune Miku Badges” are the ones that you collect as you “level up” by reading more articles pertaining to the Magical Mirai concert on Hacka Doll, all the way up to Level 5. So far, only the badges up to Level 2 have been unveiled. If you want to continue collecting badges up to Level 5, then keep the Hacka Doll app on hand and watch out for those Magical Mirai articles! (Also, if you register “Magical Mirai” in the app’s “Watch List” function, you’ll likely get something good out of it.)

Image from Piapro’s Top Image list.

Thirdly, we have the “Piapro Collaboration” project. This fall, a Hacka Doll and Hatsune Miku contest will be held on the Crypton-run consumer generated media site, Piapro. It’s expected that the contest will offer prizes such as the commercialization of one’s illustrations, or early entry into the next Miku event. Look forward to more information on this.

Image from Crypton’s webpage.

The fourth project is a collaborative effort with the Crypton-made iOS/Android game app, “Hatsune Miku Graphy Collection Mystery Music Comet.” In both the app and in its mobage version, “Hatsune Miku Graphy Collection,” Hacka Doll will be making appearances. Details are still unclear, though users have been told to download the app beforehand and wait patiently for the follow-up report.

Image from Hacka Doll’s official Twitter account.

Finally, there’s the fifth ongoing project, which actually hasn’t been unveiled yet. However, its existence is confirmed on Hacka Doll’s official Twitter account, where the “What could the 5th collaborative project be!?” campaign is going on. Here are the steps to enter: 1) Follow Hacka Doll on Twitter. 2) Tweet your guesses as to what the fifth collaborative project could be, using the hashtag #ハッカミク5番目. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll gain the right to obtain goods through a “Magical Mirai 2016 Lottery.” Could an original Hacka Doll song be in the works? Or maybe Hacka Doll will host a booth at Magical Mirai? The possibilities are endless. So what’s your guess?

Needless to say, we got a lot more information than expected for the Hacka Doll and Hatsune Miku collaborative project! Stay tuned to VNN for more information as it is revealed!

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