DECO*27 Album “Ghost” Now Open for Pre-Order

The producer DECO*27 is releasing his first album in 30 months titled GHOST! This time featuring some of his most recent works such as “Ghost Rule” and “LIAR DANCE”.

On a side note, DECO*27 is pronounced as “DecoNiNa”.

Pre-orders will be open until September 4th at a price of ¥6,000 JPY for the “Limited Quantity Special Edition” and will be released on September 28th. For those who pre-order the “Limited Quantity Special Edition”, you will receive several goodies including the following: “Housed in the original pizza box-shaped case, limited commercial edition, plus exclusive T-shirt, towel, Postcard Set (with signature!) and paper napkin/serviette all packaged!”

Orders are limited, so grab your limited edition copy while they last! There will also be a “Limited Commercial Edition” for ¥2,963 JPY which will include:

7″ paper sleeve with 20 pages booklet, CD[13 tracks]+DVD[Region:0/NTSC]).

Disc1: CD
01. Ghost Rule
02. Reversible Campaign
04. Bad Tone #33
05. DSCF
06. 118
07. Turret Of Justice
09. Find The Light (A collaboration with Hatsune Miku which was featured in the hit game “The World of Mystic Wiz”)
10. Life Sick
11. Hedgehog
12. Sprite Girl
13. at

Disc2: DVD
MV “Streaming Heart”
MV “Find The Light” (Full version)
“MIKU in the GHOST” Analog Live Drawing by Oguchi

You can pre-order the “Limited Quantity Special Edition” here for ¥6,000 JPY , the “Limited Commercial Edition” on CD Japan for ¥2,963 JPY, and the “Regular Edition” on CD Japan for ¥2,500 JPY.

Lastly, check out his newest track “118”, also available on this album!

DECO*27’s Official Facebook

Pre-order Page

Official YouTube Channel

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UMAA Japanese Website

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