For Fans By Fans: Hatsune Miku Digital Stars Fan Forge Winners

It’s been a few months since we announced the contest, so now we’re here to promote the winners of the Hatsune Miku Digital Stars Challenge, hosted by For Fans By Fans!

Designs are being sold right now, so take a look and support the creators of your favorite designs with every purchase.

And now onwards to this theme’s Fan Forge Design winners!

Grand Prize Winner: “Pop Star” by Hiro Earth People

Runner Up: “Space Music” by Shinkuplanet

Runner Up: “Astronaut Miku” by chemica

Tsunako Prize: “Miku Star Fever” by hazure21

For Fan By Fans Prize: “Digital Stars” by 17ONESEVEN

We extend our congratulations to the winners and all the participants in every Fan Forge. It never ceases to amaze me at the amount of passion the community gives back to their favorite characters, and the beautiful art they make! From shirts to sweaters, bags and posters, even mousepads, the merch choices are almost endless. What are you looking to pick up this time around?

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