Details on the VNN and Mikai Music Partnership!

Not long ago, the first official Hatsune Miku Chinese album “First Dream” was released by none other than Mikai Music. You can check out our article on that here.

Who is Mikai Music?

Mikai Music is a group of music producers based in China that was founded in 2017. Mikai Music is a subsidiary of Midifan. With their 16 years of experience with Midifan and their passion towards the ACG fandom, they are now focusing their career on virtual singers!

What do they do?

“Musicians in the ACG fandom no doubt possess a lot of creativity and inspiration when it comes to writing music and song lyrics. And yet, they often lack professional experience in music production. Therefore, what we do is combine their ideas with our resources as professional musicians from China and Japan, and then repackage and present those ideas as something more professional. This way, we can preserve the original creativity of these musicians while also bringing their music quality up to professional standards. This is all so that our music will not be restricted to just the ACG fandom, but can also be enjoyed by audiences who are not part of that fandom. We currently have many famous producers signed up, and hope to bring even more and even better music to the fans.”

“In short, we’re a music company that fuses the creativity of the ACG fandom with the resources of the professional music industry.”

What does this partnership mean?

Those of you who have been following VNN for some time now will know that we always strive to cover as much voice synth news as we can from around the globe. China is one area that can be particularly difficult for most people to get information from, and it can likewise be tough for people in China to get information from outside their country. With the recent release of Miku Chinese, we hope that this will help make it easier to share information from one part of the world with the other. Of course, that is far from the only thing that we will be doing, so you can expect many more projects between Mikai Music and VNN in the future!

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