Draw for the ALYS Chistmas PV 2016!

Celebrations of the end of the year are coming and, like every year since ALYS’ announcement, VoxWave is letting fans join in on the creation of the ALYS Christmas PV! It’s a way for them to celebrate the community and their long journey so far.

After “Pr☆messe” and “Lupin’s Night,” VoxWave wants you to join in on the creation of the “A l’aube de ce jour de Noël” (At the dawn of Christmas Day) PV. This song was made by Anthony Lo Re, winner of the VOCALYS1 composition contest and composer of “Dilection” and “Le Paradoxe de ma vie.”

How to Enter

To enter, you need to send VoxWave an email ([email protected]) with the following information before December 6th:

Your name or nickname which will be used for crediting purposes.
Age (minors need written parent or guardian permission to enter).
Illustration with a minimum size of 800×800 pixels, in .jpg or .png extension (no transparent backgrounds please).
The following sentence: “I hereby authorize VoxWave company to use my illustration for “A l’aube de ce jour de Noël” PV and for its promotion. I read the participation conditions.”

As regard to the theme, the only limitation is the title of the song. You can use whatever character from the universe created by VoxWave in any outfit, either official or original.

By sending your entry, you authorize VoxWave to put your illustration in ALYS’ next PV and in promotional content for the PV (flyers, web reproduction, etc.). No other use will be done without explicitly asking you.

You can read the participation conditions here. Feel free to email VoxWave for a translation and/or more details.

You can also send VoxWave entries for the exhibition that will be held at Le Dernier bar avant la fin du monde in Paris before the “Rêve de Machine” show. You have until November 15th and should send an A4 picture with 300 dpi quality.

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