Enter the Yamaha x nana music Contest to Win a VKB-100!

Yamaha Corporation has announced a collaboration contest with nana music! Contestants who enter will have a chance to win a special VOCALOID Keyboard (hereafter “VKB-100”) pre-loaded with the data for three songs chosen by the nana community!

About the Contest

nana music surveyed their users, asking them to vote for their favorite VOCALOID songs, and chose the three most popular picks for the contest. The songs that came out on top are:

How to Enter

  1. Record yourself singing a cover for any of the above three songs
  2. Hashtag your cover with #ボーカロイドキーボードが欲しい
  3. Upload your cover to nana music
  4. Tweet the link to your uploaded cover on Twitter

Contestants are free to sing however many of the three songs that they wish, even all three if they so desire. They may even sing and upload the same song multiple times in order to improve the quality of their entry.


One grand prize winner will receive a free VKB-100. And it won’t just be any VKB-100: this VKB-100 will come with the song data for “Charles,” “Ghost Rule,” and “Karakuri Pierrot” already installed and ready to be played!

Furthermore, five additional winners will be chosen at random to participate in a 2-week long VKB-100 trial and evaluation period, helping to improve the product.

Entry Period

The entry period is from March 16th at 17:00 (JST) to March 31 at 23:59 (JST).

The results of the contest will be announced sometime around the middle of April.

Best of luck to all who plan to enter!

Information Source

Contest Site

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