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EXIT TUNES PRESENTS: Vocaloseasons Autumn Announced

Exit Tunes is back at it with another VOCALOID compilation album. This time, it’s part one of a four album series based on the seasons. The first album, EXIT TUNES PRESENTS: Vocaloseasons, is set for an October 4th release. While Miku is the title and featured singer, the album itself has a ton of different VOCALOIDs on it to fit everyone’s fancy. The other albums will release in Winter 2017, Spring 2018, and Summer 2018.


For those facing country restrictions, the video is also available on NND here.

Track List

While the whole track list hasn’t been revealed, there are more than twelve songs to look forward to on this album!

  1. Otsukimi Recital by Jin feat. IA
  2. Orange by Tohma feat. Hatsune Miku Append (Sweet)
  3. Karakuri Pierrot by 40mP feat. Hatsune Miku
  4. Kimi no Suki na Hon by NishizawasanP feat. GUMI
  5. Red Leaf by KurousaP feat. Megurine Luka
  6. Crescent Moon by KurousaP feat. KAITO V3 (Soft)
  7. Tsugai Kogarashi by ShigotoshiteP feat. KAITO, MEIKO
  8. Tsukimiyo Rabbit by ChouchouP feat. Hatsune Miku
  9. Dreamless Dreams by Harumaki Gohan feat. Hatsune Miku
  10. trick and treat by OSTER project feat. Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
  11. “Nee.” by HoehoeP feat. Hatsune Miku
  12. Happy Halloween by Junky feat. Kagamine Rinand more!

Pre-order Bonuses

Lots of stores have different pre-order bonuses. While not all of them ship internationally, there’s a ton to choose from. In addition, everyone who pre-orders also receives a special acrylic key chain! The illustrations featured in the bonuses are by Saine, Chachagoma, and Kamogawa.

The price of the regular version of the album is ¥2,600 JPY (about $23.50 USD)

Acrylic Key Chains

There are three different acrylic key chains, one by each featured artist. Like other Exit Tunes compilation albums, the key chain you’ll receive with this one is random as well. However, all three are so cute it’s a win no matter what!

Square Poster

This limited 515 x 515mm square poster featuring the illustration from Kamogawa comes straight from the manufacturer as a bonus. The quantity isn’t mentioned, however. Fans who pre-order quickly are the most likely to receive it. However, it appears all of the limited edition versions (explained in more detail later in the article) come with the poster.

Animate (In-Store)

A4 Clear File illustrated by Kamogawa

Animate Online

Original Wallpaper Set featuring all the illustrators

Purchase from Animate


An alternative CD jacket illustrated by Kamogawa

Tower Records

Original Sticker illustrated by Saine

Purchase from Tower Records

Tsutaya Records

3pcs Bookmark Set featuring all the illustrators

Purchase from Tsutaya Records



Another Jacket illustrated by Chacha Goma

Purchase from Toroana


Jacket Size Sticker illustrated by Saine

Purchase from Neowing


Sticker illustrated by Saine

Purchase from CDJapan


Special Limited Version

In addition to the regular version, there’s a special limited version available as well for ¥3,980 JPY on the Exit Tunes online shop. Those wishing to purchase the limited version internationally can do so through CDJapan for ¥4,298 JPY ($38.68 USD).

1) One of the three acrylic key chains (random)
2) Acrylic smartphone stand (170 × 135 mm size) featuring the jacket illustration
3) IC card sticker featuring the jacket illustration
4) Set of three postcards: each one featuring one of the three illustrations

Also includes: 515 x 515mm square poster featuring the illustration by Kamogawa.

Purchase from the Exit Tunes Online Shop

Purchase from CDJapan

Other Bonus!

For fans who are a ready to buy all four of the albums, there’s a special bonus in it for you as well! We’re unsure if it applies to international fans, however. Each Vocaloseasons album will come with a unique registration ticket. The final album of the four part series, “Summer”, will come with a survey. People who have purchased all four albums can then submit that with all four of the registration tickets to register to receive the special CD.

The CD in question features two songs written by 164 and 40mP!

Where to Buy

Once again, here are the purchase links for fans. Please note that unless stated to ship internationally, the website likely doesn’t. And, of course, those outside of Japan can’t receive in-store bonuses without a proxy.

Regular Version

Animate Online

Tower Records

Purchase from Tsutaya Records



Known International Sellers (Regular Version)


Purchase from Amazon Japan

Special Limited Version

Exit Tunes Online Shop (Japan Only)

CDJapan (International Proxy)


Source: vocaloseasons.com

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