First Official Hatsune Miku Chinese Album “First Dream” Crossfade Released!

Mikai Music has released a crossfade trailer for their latest Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese album “First Dream” on their 163Music, Bilibili, and Youtube channels. The album is the result of extensive collaboration between top rank musicians from both Chinese and Japanese music circles. It includes 6 original tracks and 3 remixes, one of them being Miku V4C’s demo song “你好 (Hello).” The album was also authorized by Crypton, SCLA, and Poppro, making it the first official Hatsune Miku Chinese album.

The album will be first released digitally on 163Music with the price of 15.00 CNY (about $2.25 USD). And based on the information from Mikai Music’s official site, they planning to release it on more online music platforms such as QQ Music, Kugou Music, iTunes and more! For fans who prefer a physical purchase, Mikai Music also announced that they will release a CD version afterwards, so stay tuned to VNN for more updates!

Album poster by lococo / 花萝不是花螺 (Hua Luo)


  1. 《你好》(Hello) free for playing and downloading, comes with PV
  2. 《初梦》(First Dream) comes with PV
  3. 《星之奇迹》(The Miracle of the Star) comes with PV
  4. 《告白》(Confess) comes with PV
  5. 《草蛇惊一》(Grass Snake Surprise) comes with PV
  6. 《羊肉汤》(Mutton Soup) comes with PV
  7. 《告白 Ver.B》(Confess Ver.B)
  8. 《羊肉汤 Remix》(Mutton Soup Ver.B)
  9. 《初梦 Ver.B》(First dream Ver.B)

Album Information

Publisher:Mikai Music
Producers:MusikM / musiXboy
Singer:Hatsune Miku V4C
Lyrist:大铭 (Da Ming) / 麦当叔劳劳 (Mai Dang Shu Lao Lao) / りすにゃん (Risunyan) / Siren / 迷雾 (Mi Wu)
Composers:MusikM / Jun Kuroda / Siren / 麦当叔劳劳 (Mai Dang Shu Lao Lao)
Arrangement:郑伟 (Zheng Wei) / MusikM / 于颗星 (Umi Yu) / Jun Kuroda / Siren / 璐儿爷 (Lu Er Ye) / Jason Hou / Plastic Cat
Mix:郑伟 (Zheng Wei) / Jason Hou / Jun Kuroda / 韦敬民 (Bob Way)
Master :韦敬民 (Bob Way)
Cover Image:lococo / 花萝不是花螺 (Hua Luo)
Illustration:lococo / 坏掉化的黑岩 (Huai Diao Hua de Hei Yan  / 洛小飞 (Luo Xiao Fei) / 竹莩 (Zhu Fu) / 风柚子 (Feng You Zi)
PV:Alice 映画 (Alice Eiga) / 星の祈 (Hoshi no Inori)
License by:Crypton Future Media / 新创华 (SCLA) / POPPRO

Where to Purchase

You can listen to more samples of and purchase the first official album for Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese here.


Mikai Music Official Weibo

Mikai Music Official Website

Mikai Music Bilibili Channel

Mikai Music Youtube Channel

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