Halloween Themed MMD Contest by Yoistyle Announced

Yoistyle has been teasing his Sweet Ann Taiwan version MikuMikuDance model for some time now. Recently, he announced a Halloween themed MMD contest to allow fans to get the model a month before its public release.

All you have to do is create a Halloween themed image or video with Yoistyle’s regular Sweet Ann model as the leading character. You’re only allowed to use Yoistyle models.


From Yoistyle’s Facebook announcement:

Get Sweet Ann’s 3D MMD model (Taiwan design) one month before her public release.

How can you participate?
-Create a video or picture with Sweet Ann’s (Yoistyle) model that you can download from the link provided in the description.
-If you’ve already downloaded the model before, we recommend to do it again as it is updated and improved, including a new stage.
-If you want to upload a picture entry, mention me (@adan-official) in the description on your picture uploaded in dA.
-If you want to upload a video entry, write “Sweet Ann Contest” in the video title.

-You can only use Yoistyle models in your entry, with Sweet Ann as the central/leading character.
-You can use any stage (you’ll get extra points if you use “Purgatory”, the stage included with the latest Sweet Ann model).
-No limit of entries per participant, though the prize will only be awarded once.
-In case you upload a video entry, you can use an already created motion already created (you’ll get extra points if you use an original motion).

Evaluation criteria
-Technical aspects

-There will be a maximum of 15 winners in each type of entry (30 in total)
-The results of the contest will be announced publicly on November 20 at my Facebook page.
-The winners will be contacted in the next 24 hours either by direct message on Facebook or note on dA

If you have any doubt, send me a note or DM. Good luck to everyone.

You can find the download link to the latest version of the Sweet Ann model here. If you need the password, you can find it on Yoistyle’s DeviantArt.

The contest is set to end on November 20th.

How is this Halloween related?

Sweet Ann Those familiar with Yoistyle’s work know that he is incredibly skilled when it comes to texturing and rigging the physics of models. He can make MMD models of almost anything and they’ll always look incredibly close to the art they were based on. This leads to beautiful models and absolutely horrifying ones.

In the case of the Sweet Ann model, it’s the latter. Sweet Ann’s box art was already on the edge of Uncanny Valley but making her 3D knocked her into it with no problem.

And Yoistyle completely acknowledges this. His Sweet Ann MMD model has become somewhat of a joke, with him having her sing for a cover of “I=Fantasy” with changed lyrics that include “I’m the Hell’s door” and “Now give me your soul”.

In the newest version of Yoistyle’s Sweet Ann, a stage is included that looks quite a bit like one may imagine a hellish underworld to be.

This contest is absolutely perfect for not only the season but also for giving away a Sweet Ann Taiwan version MMD model as a prize. Sweet Ann is terrifying and, well, she’s Sweet Ann.






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