Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary PV Uploads Compilation

On August 31st, Hatsune Miku celebrated her 10th Anniversary. For the big day, many VOCALOID Producers uploaded their PVs and songs specially made to celebrate and to show their appreciation towards Miku’s 10 years’ of existence!

Below, we compiled those PV’s, which of course, featured many varieties and music genres. Check them out!

Ooedo Julia Night feat. Miku & KAITO (by Mitchie M)

Check it out on NicoNico and SoundCloud

Diamond feat. Miku & Rin (by MikitoP)

Check it out on NicoNico.

Handmade Anniversary feat. Miku (by HachiojiP)

Check it out on NicoNico.

Simple Sick feat. Miku (by tilt-six)

Check it out on NicoNico.

Dissapearing Summer Dream feat. Miku (by *Luna)

Check it out on NicoNico and SoundCloud.

Sankyu feat. Miku (by Toa)

Check it out on NicoNico.

Reverse Universe feat. Miku (by Nayutan Alien)

My Dear feat. Miku (by NishizawasanP / TOKOTOKO)

Astrology of Destiny feat. Miku (by Udon Timer P)

Check it out on NicoNico.

Rousetsu Akashic Records feat. Miku (by Kurosawa Madoka)

Check it out on NicoNico.

Haze Adder feat. Miku (by Zekkai)

Check it out on NicoNico.

Quiet Room feat. Miku (by uki3/ewe)

Check it out on NicoNico.

Yukarigo no Kimi he feat. Miku (by AnnMeltsP)

Check it out on NicoNico.

Steppër feat. Cryptonloids (by halyosy)


Because there were so many of them, it is almost impossible for us to include all of the PVs. Were there any interesting PVs we missed? Or do you think there is something else we should add to this list? Please give us your input and suggestions in the comment section below!

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