Hatsune Miku Mobile March Update

Hello everyone! Today we will be showing you the content from “Hatsune Miku Mobile’s” newest March update.

  • Android Live Wallpaper
    Luka in a traditional outfit makes up for a gorgeous live wallpaper!
  • Wallpaper
    Miku and MEIKO in their volley outfits are ready to jump into your screen!
  • iPhone Wallpaper
    Miku’s gorgeous kimono wallpaper in which she finally announces spring’s arrival!
  • Stamps
    Enjoy some spring themed stamps from Miku and Lin Len!

Also some bonus readable e-magazines!

This month’s goods are “Figure-rise Bust Sakura Miku / Sakura Miku Charger / Acrylic Stand & Can Batch & Key Holder

This month’s song is Dramatic Walk” by Den Pol P (koyori)

How To Install The March Update

  • After subscribing to Hatsune Miku Mobile for “Sugotoku” , you can access it from the menu Character / Deco-mail / Stamp.
    Compatible devices: iOS and Android devices (excluding some models) that support “Sugotoku Contents”
    Link: http://app.mikumoba.jp/RED004
  • After subscribing to Hatsune Miku Mobile for “au Smart Pass”, you can install the update from Categories / Entertainment / Character.
    Compatible devices: iOS and Android devices compatible with “au Smart Pass” (excluding some models)
    Link: http://app.mikumoba.jp/RED011
  • Hatsune Miku Mobile for App Pass
    After subscribing to App Pass, you can install the update from the “Entertainment” category.
    Compatible devices: Android devices that support App Pass (iOS is not supported)
    Link: http://www.softbank.jp/mobile/service/app-pass/
  • Hatsune Miku Mobile 500
    Price: ¥ 550 / month (docomo sp mode payment, au easy payment, S! Collective payment)
    Supported devices: iOS and Android smartphones (excluding some models)
    Link: http: //app.mikumoba.jp/RED014


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