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Hatsune Miku Summer Festival Goods Now Available on TOM!

Tokyo Otaku Mode does it again! They recently were able to start distributing the Metal Miku collab goods previously exclusive to Japan. And now, there’s even more to celebrate! The Hatsune Miku Summer Festival goods are now available on TOM as well! In addition, there’s some Artemis Kings jewelry not from this event available! You can find more info on the non-event jewelry here. There were also some pieces of jewelry released for this event so be sure to read both articles for information on how to get your VOCALOID jewelry fix.

All items are special order. Due to this, they aren’t available immediately. There’s an 8 week delay from your order to when it’s available to you. However, these awesome items are definitely worth the wait!

The Goods

If you’d like to browse all the Summer Festival goods available without browsing through our article, feel free to click here and get to adding these items to your cart! There are over 30 available items to choose from plus leather wrap bracelets that you can find here as well as listed in this article.


Geometric Shirts ($40.99 Each)

–>Purchase Megurine Luka Geometric Design Shirt Here<–

–>Purchase Kagamine Len Geometric Design Shirt Here<–

–>Purchase Kagamine Rin Geometric Design Shirt Here<–

–>Purchase KAITO Geometric Design Shirt Here<–

–>Purchase MEIKO Geometric Design Shirt Here<–

Logo Shirts ($40.99 Each)

–>Purchase Megurine Luka Logo Shirt Here<–

–>Purchase Kagamine Len Logo Shirt Here<–

–>Purchase Kagamine Rin Logo Shirt Here<–

–>Purchase KAITO Logo Shirt Here<–

–>Purchase MEIKO Logo Shirt Here<–

Coach Jacket ($97.99 USD)

–>Purchase Here<–



Ribbon Choker Necklaces ($26.99 USD Each)

–>Purchase Here<–


Leather Wrap Bracelets ($97.99 USD Each)

–>Purchase Hatsune Miku Bracelet Here<–

–>Purchase Kagamine Rin Bracelet Here<–

–>Purchase Kagamine Len Bracelet Here<–

–>Purchase Megurine Luka Bracelet Here<–

–>Purchase KAITO Bracelet Here<–

–>Purchase MEIKO Bracelet Here<–


Wall Scrolls/Tapestries

A4 Sized Tapestry Series: SD Version ($16.99 USD Each)

–>Purchase Here<–

A1 Sized Wall Tapestry ($37.99 USD)

–>Purchase Here<–

A4 Sized Tapestries ($16.99 USD Each)

–>Purchase Here<–

A1 Sized Tapestry: Beach Festival Ver. ($37.99 USD)

–>Purchase Here<–




Acrylic Keychains

–>Purchase Regular Here ($10.99 USD Each)<–

–>Purchase SD Version Here ($8.99 USD Each)<–


Acrylic Keychains: Beach Festival Ver

–>Purchase Beach Festival Ver. Here ($10.99 USD Each)<–

–>Purchase Beach Festival SD Ver. Here ($8.99 USD Each)<–


Other Accessories

Large Tote Bags ($21.99 USD Each)

–>Purchase Here<–


Pouches ($16.99 USD Each)

–>Purchase Here<–


PVC Bracelet Series: Beach Festival Ver. ($12.99 Each)

–>Purchase Here<–


Rosetta Ribbons ($15.99 Each)

–>Purchase Here<–


Piapro Characters Scrunchie

–>Purchase Here<–


Bandannas ($15.99 USD Each)

–>Purchase Here<–


Trading Badges

These items are chosen randomly. You can’t choose the badge you want.

Trading Badge Series ($5.99 Each)

–>Purchase Here<–


Trading Badges: Beach Festival Ver. ($5.99 Each) [Chosen Randomly]

–>Purchase Here<–


Clear File Sets

A5 Clear File Set: SD Version ($14.99 for set of 4)

–>Purchase Here<–


A4 Clear File Set: Beach Festival SD Ver. ($14.99 USD for set of 4)

–>Purchase Here<–


Other Items


Fruit Teas in Original Canister ($16.99 Each)

–>Purchase Strawberry Peach Flavor<–

–>Purchase Green Apple Flavor<–

–>Purchase Grapefruit Flavor<–

–>Purchase Lavender Flavor<–

Cushions ($43.99 USD Each)

–>Purchase Here<–


Masking Tape ($5.99 Each)

–>Purchase Multicolor Ver. Here<–

–>Purchase Black Ver. Here<–

More Information

All Summer Festival Merchandise

Leather Wrap Bracelets

All Miku Merch on Tokyo Otaku Mode


“The Hatsune Miku Summer Festival in Shibuya Marui Commences!”

“The Hatsune Miku Summer Festival in Shibuya Marui “Natsumatsuri” Ver. Commences!”

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