Huge Surprise Coming from VNN in Celebration of 1st Anniversary

Happy 1st Anniversary to the VOCALOID News Network! In the past year, we’ve accomplished more than we could have ever hoped to do. This simple fan site that was meant to share news and other interesting things has evolved into a multilingual hub. We are literally the VOCALOID News Network.


VNN started as a project meant to share VOCALOID news with the Western community. We started in just English, and Monds and Hoshi ran the scene pretty much on their own with the help of Akurasix on tech. Then Indonesian and Chinese came. Suddenly, we were multilingual thanks to some awesome people! But it didn’t stop there. We created a Japanese version as well and even managed a Spanish website with the help of fans. And, most recently, we’ve added Italian to the mix thanks to yet another group of amazing VOCALOID fans.

We are still here today and doing so well because of everyone here. Without the fandom’s support and the hard work of all of VNN’s staff, we would still be a small, little website.

But now we’re so much more than we could ever imagine. We’re known in the community and even have a YouTube channel. VOCALOID companies support us and many even watch us. The little fan site we made to cover things we couldn’t on the Vocaloid Facebook fan page has turned into a huge business — and it’s amazing.

Our first big story was UNI back when we first started. From there, we covered Zyon, DEX and DAINA (and VOCAMERICA), Stardust, and so many other amazing VOCALOID topics. VNN has managed to open up the far reaches of the VOCALOID world to everyone, and that’s more than we could ever have asked for.

The Surprise

For our first anniversary, we’re giving a little nod to our roots. Our first big article was the reveal of UNI’s silhouette and, only a few hours later, the reveal of her full design. So for our surprise, we’re starting off with the silhouettes of a few characters. Who are they? What are they for? You’ll find out in the coming days!

Thank you so much everyone for your support. We hope to serve you even better this year as we add more languages and more staff to cover everything! While we don’t use the tagline often anymore, we still are your source for all things VOCALOID.

About Hoshi

She's a huge VOCALOID fan, a figure collector, and an all around nerd. Hoshi's been in the VOCALOID fandom since 2008 and has been a hardcore VOCALOID fan since 2013.