IA and ONE Anniversary Celebration Plans Announced

January 27th marks the anniversaries of both IA and ONE, and 1st Place has recently announced several plans for an IA and ONE Anniversary celebration. They’ve created an official webpage and have also posted on the IA World page about their plans.

Gallery art from the official anniversary website.
Gallery art from the official anniversary website

Main Details

On January 27th, a double anniversary event titled “IA & ONE ANNIVERSARY PARTY!! -SPECIAL TALK & LIVE-“ will be held at the Future SEVEN in Minami Aoyama (Tokyo).

The event will consist of three parts: The first and third parts will have guests talking as well as live performances. The second part will be a screening of the “IA First Live Concert in Japan -PARTY A GO-GO-“ concert held in Akasaka Blitz last September. It will be screened in full with 7.1 ch sound and will only be open to the people assisting in the event.

The live screening will broadcast on NicoNico Live Streaming as well. You can buy your online ticket via the 1st PLACE NicoNico channel! Tickets are available for 1000 JPY (tax excl.) but 1st PLACE NicoNico channel subscribers get a special price of 500 JPY (tax excl.).

The first and third parts will stream on NicoNico Live for free. You can find the stream here.


Zimuin G will be the host of the event. He’s most known for his “I tried to play” (演奏してみた) videos that feature his piano playing skills as he plays VOCALOID songs. He’s hosted many events in the past and has even played at some of them.

Nanahoshi Orchestra will make an appearance as well. Known for their official ONE demo “OИEgai Darlin’” as well as “ITYNITED IDENTITY“, “RACER’S HIGH“, and many other songs, this group focuses on creating rock music.

Matsushita, a singer who has covered several VOCALOID songs, is the next guest on the list. She’s appeared in events in China and Singapore including the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL, an event in Singapore.

Lia, IA’s voice provider, will also be there. Though it hasn’t been said if Lia will perform with the VOCALOID she gave her voice to, it’s not a stretch to think there’s a possibility. The two will be going on tour together later this year.

Finally, out of survice and nekobolo will both be attending the event, too. While out of survice is well-known for creating many IA and ONE songs, nekobolo has also used IA and has had his work featured in IA/VT Colorful.

Sources: Official IA and ONE Anniversary Website, IA World Page

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