IA Merchandise at COMICUP18.5! Shanghai Concert Trailer Now on Bilibili!

IA PARTY A GO-GO live concert will be held on August 27th at 8 PM in Shanghai, on the same day IA and Kagerou PROJECT merchandise will be available at 1st PLACE’s booth at COMICUP 18.5 during the day.

In addition to selling merchandise at their booth, they will also have tickets for the live concert happening that night for sale. So if you have not purchased them yet, you still have time! Those who purchase tickets will get a little gift. Below are the products that will be sold at CP18.5. Not only will you be able to find IA and ONE merchandise, but also there will be Kagerou Project merchandise as well. The merchandise can be found below, too. Prices are also listed on each images.

Note: Below is what is expected to be sold. There will be even more at the booth!

IA’s Cosplay campaign that has been happening around the world will also be held in Shanghai. The event will apply for COMICUP and the live concert. Those who will have an IA cosplay will be able to receive a free IA choker. These are limited and it is first come, first served.

Official Bilibili Channel

In July, 1st PLACE made their appearance at Bilibili Macro Link and shortly after created a Bilibili Channel. They have recently uploaded the newest trailer for the Shanghai concert where IA says hello to fans in Simplified Chinese. Fans can expect more of IA in Chinese at the concert. They have recently released a PARTY A GO-GO special program on the channel to introduce fans to IA and the PARTY A GO-GO Campaign, famous producer Jin and Sidu has also sent their blessing for the concert. The program includes a total of four parts.

PARTY A GO-GO  Live in Shanghai 2016 Trailer

IA-PARTY A GO-GO  special program. Includes a total of four parts.


For fans wanting to know more and to follow 1st PLACE, you can find their Weibo here and their Bilibili channel here.


1st PLACE Booth: 2-08
Address: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, West building. 88 Caobao Road, Xuhui, Shanghai, China
Date: August 27th, 10:00 – 16:00
Comicup Weibo Account

IA PARTY A GO-GO Live Concert
Address: China, Shanghai, Putuo, 179 Yichang Road
Time: August 27th, 19:00 (Doors open) – 20:00 (Concert begins)
*A few hours prior to the show, a booth will be set up at the site of the concert.

Lastly, VNN will be in attendance at both these events!

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