IA & ONE New Performances, Official Twitter Account and More!

Hello ARIAers! Seems today is your lucky one, as the two ARIA sisters from 1st Place, IA and ONE, finally got more performances planned and even their own official account on Twitter!

New Events

Seems IA and ONE will be back with their most iconic liv performances once more very soon! The duo will come back on November 30th at DMM VR THEATER YOKOHAMA with two different shows!

Hey ARIAers! So many news today! Are you ready!?!?? Here we go!Make sure to read all the post, surprise at the end!<…

Posted by IA World Page on Thursday, August 1, 2019

That’s right! Two new performances got announced and will both be held on November 30th in two different locations!

  • ARIA –IA MUSICAL & LIVE SHOW–Encore Performance
    Date and Time: November 30th, 2019. Doors open at 4:30PM, while the show starts at 5:30PM (JST)
    Tickets: S Seats cost 9,990 JPY and include limited edition goods, while A Seats are priced 6,990 JPY. You can also get a drink for 500 JPY!
    Date and Time: November 30th, 2019. Doors open at 12:30PM, while the show starts at 1PM (JST)
    Tickets: S Seats cost 7,990 JPY and include limited edition goods, while A Seats are priced 4,990 JPY. You can also get a drink for 500 JPY!

Tickets’ pre-sale will begin on August 8th until 18th via eplus raffle, with the payment period being accepted starting August 21th until 26th of the same month!

If you are interested keep an eye on IA’s eplus page by clicking here!

Note that you can purchase up to 4 tickets only!

More and More Social!

The ARIA duo loves connecting to their fans, we knew that already considering their happiness everytime they get to have some time for them, so it shouldn’t surprise us at all t see the two sisters opening their own Twitter account!

From now on, IA and ONE will share their own official news as well, often commenting them from their own point of view! Isn’t it exciting?

Follow those little cuties on Twitter by clicking here! You will absolutely love their company, trust us!

Watch IA Performing “HIGHER” on Youtube!

Last but not least, they uploaded IA’s live performance of her English song “HIGHER” on Youtube!

That’s not the only news! Alongside HIGHER’s video they also released the motion data used for it and can now get loaded on MikuMikuDance with any character model you want!

You can download it hereDon’t forget to check its readme file before using it!


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