IA & ONE’s New Collaboration with “Groove Coaster 3” Announced!

1st Place recently announced IA & ONE’s new collaboration with Groove Coaster 3 Link Fever, an arcade rhythm game from TAITO. The collaboration includes the new addition of five of IA & ONE’s popular songs in the game plus a special campaign where players can collect special trophies, items, and avatars of IA & ONE. The campaign period is between September 1st~19th.

Groove Coater 3-IA & ONE-01

New Songs

Items & Avatars

Players can collect IA & ONE’s special trophies, items, and avatars during the campaign period.

Groove Coater 3-IA & ONE-05

This collaboration event is currently only available in Japan. However, if the arcade center near your area happens to have this game, expect these updates to come in the future. It might not come immediately, but you can expect them to update it as time passes.

Groove Coaster Official Website

Announcement From 1st Place (Japanese)

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