IA “PARTY A-GO-GO” Concert in China & IA ENGLISH

Good news for all the Chinese IA fans! 1st Place has created their official Weibo account a few days ago and quickly followed with a big surprise — IA’s 1st Live Concert “PARTY A-GO-GO” will be happening in China this summer!

Do remember that this is not the “PARTY A-GO-GO” World Screening Caravan currently happening globally. IA will be singing her famous songs, and these include songs from the Kagerou Project. There will be a live band and backup dancers at the concert, too. Nothing much has been revealed by 1st Place so far, but we will surely deliver the latest update on the concert. You may follow 1st Place’s official Weibo and their collaboration partner in China, X-LIVE, for instant updates. Both accounts are posting in Chinese.

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“When will we finally get IA ENGLISH?”

“Soon, she is under development.”

Aside from that, 1st Place also mentioned “IA’s ENGLISH” was in development, so expect to see a release soon.

I assume “IA’s ENGLISH” might release with her V4 update, but we can only wait for more information from the company. Can’t wait to hear IA sing in English with her beautiful voice!


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