IA Wants You to Pick a Location For Her!

Have you always dreamed of having IA visit your town? Well, now’s your chance!

On both Twitter and Facebook, the IA World Page and Hachimaki are requesting your input. If you want IA to perform “ARIA” in your town, you can let them know right now by telling them what city and country you’d like to see IA at, and why they should bring her over!

There is no specific deadline stated as of yet.

More information

1st PLACE (owner of IA) is on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Youtube and has a website
IA has a global
Facebook page and a Bilibili channel
Hachimaki is Facebook (English) and on Twitter (English/Japanese)
Hachimaki Goods Shop (Europe/Japanese)

About Lune☯n

Lune☯n has been a fan of Vocaloid and MikuMikuDance since 2010, spends most of the time playing video games, watching anime and uploading covers with a variety of VOCALOID to YouTube.


  1. Kirigaya Nagisa

    it was also posted in FB as well…

  2. They post things almost simultaneously! Twitter was just the first one to do so, and the first one we found!

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