Lune☯n has been a fan of Vocaloid and MikuMikuDance since 2010, spends most of the time playing video games, watching anime and uploading covers with a variety of VOCALOID to YouTube.

IA Wants You to Pick a Location For Her!

Have you always dreamed of having IA visit your town? Well, now’s your chance! On both Twitter and Facebook, the IA World Page and Hachimaki are requesting your input. If you want IA to perform “ARIA” in your town, you can let them know right now by telling them what …

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Snow Miku x Hello Kitty goods now available!

A Hello Kitty related Twitter account specialized in local tourist merchandise (known as Gotochi Kitty) tweeted out some sweet goods based on an illustration made by artist Saine-san. Candy Multi-case First up is a multi-case filled with candies. These come in two flavors, strawberry milk and cider. In addition, it …

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Rana’s 3rd Birthday Piapro Collaboration

A Twitter user who goes by the name of @Ran53188 set up a Piapro collaboration to celebrate the pink-braided VOCALOID’s third birthday! Ranaトクロコラボ昨日で募集期間終了でしたが、絵師枠のみ延長します!また、絵師が集まらなかった場合MMDで静止画を作ってくださる方も募集します。 #vocaloid_Rana #イラスト募集 #VOCALOID — Ran (@Ran53188) June 30, 2017 Project Details Ran wants to create a special Talk Loid video using Rana’s voice. Recruitment is open for illustrators …

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Huan Xiaoyi 3D Model for MikuMikuDance Released!

MMD modeler YYB uploaded the 3D MikuMikuDance model for Sharpkey’s voice library Huan Xiaoyi on both Bowlroll and Baidu for her fans to download and use. 幻晓伊!❤ — 三目YYB (@1035517017) September 14, 2016 Who is Huan Xiaoyi? Huan Xioayi is a Chinese voice library developed by Boxstar for the new …

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Hatsune Miku V4X MMD Model by Yoistyle

3D modeler Yoistyle released a new model in celebration of Hatsune Miku’s birthday on August 31st. The design he chose to model is her new V4X outfit designed by iXima. Akuo, an artist on DeviantArt, collaborated with Yoistyle to create the textures. The model comes with two “readme’s”, one in English and one …

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Otomachi Una Additional MMD Data Released!

Not one, not two, but a total of three new Otomachi Una MMD models are available for download. You can now download them on the Niconi Solid website. The Models The first model showcases Una rocking a white dress, the second one features her in a blue dress, and the last …

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