Otomachi Una Additional MMD Data Released!

Not one, not two, but a total of three new Otomachi Una MMD models are available for download. You can now download them on the Niconi Solid website.

The Models

The first model showcases Una rocking a white dress, the second one features her in a blue dress, and the last model portrays her with a tan while wearing the same white dress. If you would like to download these models, click here.

The Motion Data

A still from the “Kabedon” motion.

In addition, a few new motion data are available, the first of which is called “オーディエンスのループ” (Audience Loop) where the character jumps and cheers. Click here to download “Audience Loop”.

Second up is a motion named “壁ドン” (Kabedon) where the character slams their hand against a “wall” and pins you as a viewer against that “wall”, a very common action in shoujo anime and manga. Click here to download “Kabedon”.

The third one is simply named “走るループ” (Running) where the character runs in the same spot. Click here to download “Running”.

Last up is “あざとかわいいターン” (Azato Kawaii Turn) where the character jumps and turns 180° twice, a full 360° spin in total. Click here to download “Azato Kawaii Turn”.


Otomachi Una belongs to MTK and INTERNET Co., Ltd. ©MTK

Internet Co.’s Official Website
Otomachi Una’s Official Website

The guidelines for this set of 3D models are exactly the same as the ones for the formerly released models. You can view them here.

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