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Is the 1/4 Scale KAITO V3 Figure Cancelled?

Fans following WonFes know that Winter WonFes 2017 had quite the surprise. While many were expecting 1/4 scales of Rin and Len, KAITO was announced as the next 1/4 scale VOCALOID figure by FREEing. KAITO fans were thrilled! However, Winter WonFes 2018 had another surprise: The KAITO announcement was no longer anywhere to be seen. And, despite the announcement being gone, there was no prototype, either. Does this mean the figure is cancelled? Here’s what I (Hoshi) was able to find out!

The Details

In February 2017, GSC announced the 1/4 Scale KAITO V3 figure by FREEing to be the next in the line of 1/4 scale VOCALOIDs. An announcement picture sat beside the finished 1/4 Scale Luka V4X figure.

In July 2017, GSC announced many more figures. KAITO was still planned for release and all seemed well since Luka took a full year before a prototype was revealed.

And then February 2018 happened. While many were expecting a prototype, there was nothing. No more image on the production schedule, no prototype. Nothing. KAITO just vanished.

Nowhere to be found. Fans searched through Twitter for any post showing ANY sign of the highly anticipated KAITO figure.

And there was none.

GSC’s Response

So I went straight to the source! I emailed GSC asking if they could give us any details on the figure. And they replied with this:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your continued support of Good Smile Company products.

This is in response to your request.
We appreciate your input. Products are considered for release/re-release when there is enough demand currently. However, we cannot respond to queries about which products are currently being considered. Nonetheless, please feel free to let us know which products you want release / re-release by contacting us at one of our Facebook pages or customer support site!
Release info and our latest news are announced via our web site and blog. There are many ways to get the latest information about our products and news about us. Please check the links below for official product information and more:

Good Smile English Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/goodsmileenglish

More blog information:
GSC Kahotan’s Blog (English translation of Kahotan’s Japanese blog): http://mikatan.goodsmile.info/en/

We strive to provide the best possible products.
We believe that it will make you happy.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Good Smile Company Customer Support

Unfortunately, inconclusive.

So, Is He Cancelled?

We can’t say for sure, unfortunately. However, there is something YOU can do to help! Submit a product inquiry to GSC about the figure. Let them know that you want to purchase it and that you’d love for it to be real!

The more demand that GSC sees, the more likely they are to pay attention. Feel free to post on their Facebook and Twitter as well letting them know that you want the figure!

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