Limited Edition Packaging for VOCALOID 4 LUMi Revealed!

At long last, fans will soon be able to purchase LUMi! Unfortunately for international fans, there’s going to be a slight catch for her initial release. But Japanese fans who can swing by AVA‘s office are in for quite the special treat! AVA recently revealed the packaging for the limited edition of VOCALOID 4 Library LUMi. However, it will only be available to those who can make the trip to AVA’s office in person!

About the Packaging

The DVD-ROM for VOCALOID 4 Library LUMi’s limited edition will be packaged in a gift box made of washi, and tied shut with a chord knotted in a beautiful mizuhiki pattern.

The only way to receive the limited edition for VOCALOID 4 Library LUMi is to visit AVA’s office in person, and have it handed to you. You have to schedule an appointment ahead of time in order to meet with them and purchase it. It’ll cost you ¥15,000 JPY plus tax.

How to Obtain It

Fans can now schedule an appointment with AVA to purchase and pick up their limited version of VOCALOID 4 Library LUMi on any weekday starting from August 14th. There’s no set end to the sales dates, but fans are advised to reserve their copy early before AVA runs out.

To schedule an appointment, you need to follow these steps:

01. Make a reservation by contacting the AVA Staff via a Twitter Message or via the form on their website.
02. Come to the AVA Office at Shinko Building 3F, 8-1-9 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.
03. Visit Times: Monday through Friday 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, and 20:00 (Visitors can be there for 30 minutes at a time)

What About Everyone Else?

Physical and digital sales of the regular version of VOCALOID 4 Library LUMi are set to begin towards the end of August. While these isn’t an exact date yet, VNN will be sure to update fans the moment we get any news.

In addition, you can follow LUMi’s Twitter and LUMi’s Facebook for updates! You can also check out the official page for the limited edition. Stay tuned for more info!

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