Luo Tianyi and Hatsune Miku join with many at this year’s DIVE XR FESTIVAL!

On July 5th, the official twitter for Dive XR Festival released a tweet revealing who will be at this year’s festival event, including two Vocaloids!

The Event

The Dive XR festival is a collaboration event where many franchises and Japanese influencers come together and perform in their best suited skill. In 2019, they are inviting all digital performers from Vocaloids to Virtual youtubers, even gacha game bands to the mix! The event is also supported by Softbank.

Tickets will be available on July 6th, at 18:00 or 6Pm. Tickets are ¥ 8,800 or roughly $81 per person. Children ages 2 and younger are not allowed. This event will be held at the Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall 1-3 (Nakase Mihama Ward, Chiba City).

You can purchase tickets in an array of places:

They have added a way to purchase tickets for English audiences as well as Chinese in Traditional and Simplified here!


This event will take place September 22nd through the 23rd. With exact dates and times being:

September 22 (Sun) Noon Opening 11:00 – Closing 12:00
September 22 (Sun) Night Opening 17:00 – Closing 18:00
September 23 (Mon, Holiday) Opening 11: 00 – Closing 12:00

Collaboration partners

In the same tweet as before, the official twitter posted an image of which characters will be preforming at this event. On their website, it’s stated not every performer will be there on the same day, but collectively on both days.

On September 22nd: Ensemble Stars!(Trickstar, UNDEAD, and Knights), ARP, EMMA HAZY MINAMI, Kashikomari, Kizuna AI, Hatsune Miku, Fuji Mochi, Monster Z MATE, YuNi, Rinna, Luo Tianyi and more!

On September 23rd: AVATAR 2.0 1st All Stars, Ensemble Stars! (Trickstar, UNDEAD, and Knights), Kaminariai feat. Boyackey, Galactic Alice, Ruka Ishino Ruki / Raku Ishino Roki, SHOWROOM Virtual Unit Project, Cyber ​​Girl Shiro, Toki no Sora, Hatsune Miku, Hibiki Ao, HIME HINA Suzuki Hina, Marinasu (provisional), Miss Monochrome, Miraiakari, Luo Tianyi, and more!

With this much diversity and talent in these performers, there is no doubt that this event will be very exciting for fans of Vocaloid, Virtual singers and youtubers!


It will be an exciting couple of days when this event comes to the table. All these colorful characters from all kinds of franchises is sure to bring many fans of all together and enjoy everything!

Hatsune Miku is on Facebook (English and Japanese) and Twitter (English and Japanese)!
Dive XR Festival’s events details are on their website and Twitter!
You can find Luo Tianyi on Facebook and Twitter!



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