GraffArt x Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 10th Anniversary Collaboration to Begin on July 13th!

And after their adorable merchandise featuring Megpoid for her own anniversary, GraffArt decided to spice up their goods once more by celebrating another special anniversary for this community: Hatsune Miku‘s Project DIVA series’ one!

Ten Year of Rhythm and Music!

Similarly to what they did with GUMI’s anniversary, this product line features an adorably illustrated set of Piapro characters in many different kinds of items!

We find acrylic stands, can badges, phone covers and much more! Let’s have a look together!

Trading Products

First we have their trading products! Those items can be purchased either stand alone (which means you get one randomly) or as a box if you want them all!

While one set of artworks features all of the Piapro characters, the other one focuses on very popular costumes you are used to find in Project DIVA games! Let’s check them out!

  • Can Badges (Project DIVA modules ver.) – 480 JPY each (random) or 4,800 JPY for the box
  • Can Badges (Piapro characters ver.) – 480 JPY each (random) or 5,760 JPY for the box
  • Mini Acrylic Stands (Project DIVA modules ver.) – 800 JPY each (random) or 8,000 JPY for the box
  • Mini Acrylic Stands (Piapro characters ver.) – 800 JPY each (random) or 9,600 JPY for the box

Will you be able to collect them all? Let us know!

Other Merchandise

Aside their trading products we also have some more items to look forward into!

Those items are also adorable and make me want to have some as well! But let’s see the prices!

  • Clear Files (2 variants) – 400 JPY each
  • Big Leather Straps (2 variants) – 1,280 JPY each
  • Chara Charger – 4,980 JPY
  • Chara Pass (2 variants) – 1,380 JPY each
  • Book-type Smartphone Case (2 variants) – 2,980 JPY each

Will you bring something home as a self gift? They’re worthy, I know!

Bonus Purchase

By spending t least 2,160 JPY buying those items you will also get an illustrated post card as a gift. There are two available and those are absolutely adorable!

Where to Buy

You will find those goods starting July 13th until August 12th through the following GraffArt stores:

Click the location’s name to open its map!


We totally look forward for more merchandise from them! Their illustration are always a good fit for people that love cutesy items after all!

Don’t forget to stay tuned with us on VNN for more exciting news about your favorite virtual singers!

Hatsune Miku is on Facebook (English and Japanese), Twitter (English and Japanese), Youtube and Weibo
GraffArt can be found on Twitter as well as their official website.

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