CangQiong’s new Demo Song “Suspended Spero” is Now Live!

Seems Quadimension has a thing for publishing new demo songs around the weekend! We just got a new, marvelous demo song for CangQiong titled “Suspended Spero“!

A time for change

Composed by Cí Dài Jūn with lyrics from Nóngsuō Páigǔ and tuning by  Creuzer, this song shows us a new awesome side of this vocalist!

It’s surely a rock-esque song that will make you turn up the volume! The tuning is a bit wobbly in places, however, it makes her feel alive! The progression of chorus and verse and everything is pretty clean and overall it is a very good song for CangQiong.

About buying CangQiong

She is available on Taobao!

She’s priced 500 RMB for her digital version, adding 15 RMB you can also get the code shipped to you, and if you don’t own a Synthesizer V license yet, you get them both together for 595 RMB!

Those prices however won’t last forever: once the sale period ends she will be back at her standard price so hurry up!

Her release date is scheduled for July 12th and you can buy her here!


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Quadimension is on Youtube and Weibo
You can also find Stardust on WeiboTwitter and Youtube
CangQiong can be found on Weibo!

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