ONE’s “ONEgai Darlin'” LINE Theme is Now Available!

Hey you all ONE fans, have you ever wished to fully customize your LINE client to fit your virtual singer tastes? Well, seems 1st Place got something for you: a new LINE theme!

An Adorable LINE Theme Featuring ONE!

IA and ONE haven’t got much new content for their fans and LINE users lately, but today we were really amazed to see they just released a new theme for this messaging client!

This time we find the younger sister of the duo introducing an adorable, orange and sparkly, interface based off of one of her most popular songs: “ONEgai Darlin’” by Nanahoshi Orchestra!

Priced 2,99€ (which should be 2,99 USD for NA users), this theme will give your client an adorable yet refreshing look!

You can find it here!

And f you also wanted some matching stickers, click here. They got you for it as well!


Aren’t you amazed by the amount of cuteness this theme shows? Because we immediately fell in love with it!

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