Luo Tianyi and YanHe x Ark Order Collaboration!

Vsinger never ceases to amaze us with new collaborations, especially with mobile games! This time, it’s the turn of Ark Order, which will feature a Luo Tianyi and Yan He event starting from February 21st until March 7th!

About the Event

During the event period, there will be a new map in the game named “Da La Beng Ba” where Tianyi, Yan He and some others will appear as new characters. They will also be available as UR cards and you can get them by using the various gachas in-game. More characters were teased on the official website of the game, and we can see there probably are other Vsinger members, so let’s stay tuned to see their artworks revealed!

Let’s Start our Musical Journey!

A new time-limited map, means more quests and rewards for players to clear, and this collaboration makes no exception at all. By clearing the whole map you will be able to unlock the “Travel of Music” (乐之旅途) activity, where you will be able to join forces with Tianyi. By clearing those quests, you will be able to get some special equipment and furniture, and will bring your relationship points with Tianyi up, unlocking more tasks.

Food Store

During the collab period, you will be able to get some extra exclusive items using Baozis on the Food Shop! You will be able to get furniture, titles, various item exclusive to the collab and so on! This is a chance you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Gachas and UR Rates

Depending on which UR you aim to get, you will be able to choose between two different gachas, the Ya Yu Yang Yin (雅羽扬音) in case you want to get Tianyi’s UR, or the Lan Qian Wan Xu (兰谦婉序) gacha in case you are aiming for Yan He’s UR card!

  • Event UR Rate: 2.5%
  • UR Rate: 2.5%
  • SR Rate: 15%
  • R Rate: 80%

Both of the gachas share the drop rate for all the types of cards, the only thing that changes between them is the event UR card, which can be either Tianyi’s or YanHe’s depending on the gacha you are playing.


Ark Order is available for iOS and Android devices! You can download it via the App Store or get the apk directly from the official website of the collaboration!

Stay tuned with us on VNN for more news and updates about your favorite Virtual Singers!

Official Collaboration Page
Ark Order Official Website

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